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Carmen González Sotelo

Carmen González Sotelo, PhD in Biology from the University of Santiago de Compostela (1991), works in “Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas” (CSIC) as Scientific Researcher, she has been also Deputy Director (1999-2001, and of 2006-2011) and Director (2011-2015) of this research institute.

C.G. Sotelo works in the Food Science and Technology Department, where she has been involved in research topics related to the quality of fishery products and the development of methodologies for the authentication of species based on the analysis of DNA.

C.G. Sotelo has been the principal investigator of seven national research projects and nine European Union projects, being in three of them the coordinator. She has also participated as researcher in a total of 24 national and international research projects.

C.G. Sotelo is the author of more than 90 research papers in international journals and books, as well as three patents. She has participated as a guest lecturer in several international and national conferences and workshops, and presented research communications in more than 40 national and international congress and conferences.